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STiQ Is Your External Compliance Monitor For Contractors, Staff And
Job Seekers.

Special Use

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Special Use

Labour Broking

STIQ offers you a system to streamline your onboarding and compliance monitoring during the course of your contract.

With frequent changes and client demands for skills compliance , why not have an open access system in place to make compliance tracking a transparent endeavor.

This will eliminate risks in a muti modal approach and allow a full stack labour offering in line with current regulatory and industry specific guidelines.

Business Broking

When selling a business , buyer confidence is key to success.
Business brokers and business owners wanting to add a layer of transparency to the sale of a business can utilize our forward thinking platform .
We offer a compliance monitoring , verification and statistics service that kicks in once a formal offer is put in for a business sale .
We act pre sale , during due diligence and post sale to neutralize any risk attributed to compliance in the business that is being sold .
With all role players , such as the buyer , seller , accountants and business brokers all sharing dynamically curated data , closing sales has now become easier and faster .
We are independent , experienced and always impartial meaning all parties can feel safe in the context of the sale.

Start Up

When applying for finance and looking for investors Having compliance relating to your venture is key to success

1. Mandatory compliance
2. Patents and patent applications
3. Key man compliance
4. Health and safety compliance
5. Environmental compliance

Use STIQ to add a level of confidence to your prospective investors and financiers


Students can now make themselves easily visible to employers.
Use STiQ has your validation service of choice.
Keep track of qualifications , courses and so much more.

STiQ will allow you to.
1-Showcase validated certificates/ qualifications
2-Have validated testimonials shown
3-Compilation of social media accounts
4-Contact details.

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