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% of people that have been financially affected by under qualified provider
% of people that will adhere to compliance if they are assisted
% of people that want a place to search for quality service providers.

Disrupting through Innovation

Who is a client?

A Client is a Company or Individual that owns a STiQ profile. They are looking to become transparent to prospective customers. They pay a set monthly fee and enjoy the benefits as detailed across our site. They will also have exclusive access to our online re-certification.

Disrupting through innovation:The backbone of every business or individual that provides a service in the public space is Compliance. Further to this,other areas that we track include experience, achievements and profiles. There are currently products in the market that charge large sums of money to provide a less innovative solution. We believe that STiQ as an open access platform will drive up service levels across all industries.

Who is a user?

A user is a member of the public / private sector that seeks to verify details and utilize STiQ as a tool to select the right person / company for the job at hand. It is a completely free service to the user.



Making business’ fit. Helping complete the puzzle.


Continuously looking at new ways of creating value for our clients.


Ensuring that all our client’s data is protected in a safe and secure manner.


Utilizing technology to achieve flexibility and agility in a changing market.

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